Thursday, February 25, 2016

Brain Guy, Idnow, and Thinks

When we were in Cusco in January, Gabe and I were in the playground and he said something like, "Mom, there's a voice in my head that only I can hear, you can't hear it, but I can hear it. I can talk to it and you can hear me talking but you can't hear the guy in my brain. It's Brain Guy!"

That started a long conversation with Brain Guy, and he'd tell me what Brain Guy was saying. He told me that I had a Brain Mom to listen to and talk with.

Then he leaned close and whispered, "Brain Guy is really me."


Several months ago I remembered a Family Circus cartoon where there's an invisible child in the family that does all kinds of mischief, named Ida Know. I made the perhaps-mistake of telling the kids about Ida Know, and now they each have an invisible evil twin - Idnow is a boy Gabe's age, and Not Me is a girl Val's age. They sometimes have long conversations with their evil twins, who are also responsible for mild mischief like tickling me from behind.

One day last year when we were either just waking up or just going to bed, I forget, but in one of those contemplative moments near sleep Gabe looked at me and help up a finger, saying "I have a think. This is my think about God." He held up another finger: "This is my other think." He held up his fingers in a V, "sometimes my thinks are like this," then held them close together: "and sometimes my thinks are like this. But I'm always thinking about God." 

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