Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Cusco 2016

One of my goals for this year is to blog more and Facebook less. Trying for more depth instead of the glib status updates. So I didn't put up a lot of photos of our January travels; catching up now. 

It's becoming a tradition to take the kids to this rock formation near (in?) Sacsayhuaman. You can see Gabriel in yellow and Valerie in pink and Terry in black climbing up there. It got really cold with the wind but thankfully we didn't get rained on. It's fun to think of all the generations of people who have polished these stones with their backsides. 

My camera started doing weird things while in Albania, it shows most when zooming in but it can make a cool effect too. This is at Pukapukara outside of Cusco. We had a great day that afternoon driving around in the yellow VW bug. Making memories.

The same day, at Tambomachay. Gabriel said it was the best day of his life, jumping from rock to rock up the stream towards the ruins. Valerie got tired of it before he did and climbed up the bank to join me where I was on the walking path. At one point Terry took off his socks and shoes to wade through and carry Gabe across a deep pool, so they were able to go a lot farther.

I was standing above with my heart in my throat picturing falls and concussions and all that, but then I remembered that my very favorite memories of childhood are of doing exactly this - playing in a rocky creek with sun-dappled shade and how much it lifted my spirits. I want my kids to have those kinds of joyful memories too.

My mom made Valerie this beautiful dress! The fabric she used is from things my grandmother had in storage. So it is extra meaningful as well as beautiful. Val was so proud and happy to wear it to church last Sunday.

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Mary Jo said...

Your lazy friends can't just hit like on your blog like on facebook, so they have to write a message instead. Looks like fun. Can't wait to get caught up with y'all someday. Jodi