Sunday, May 01, 2016

Día del Trabajador

This morning a small procession went past our apartment block, celebrating labor day. I assume they were going to connect with a larger group somewhere further along.

Terry and I have both been sick this past week - hence the quiet in this corner. Still not 100% yet.

We're coming into a really busy few months up ahead but I hope to maintain my rhythm here, though it may get a little (more) random! I had a mental break-through last night in my knitting and figured out a strategy to construct a little dress I want to make for our accountant's daughter. I'm really looking forward to using the lovely mottled-lilac yarn I set aside for it.

Meanwhile, in Lego land, we are building the most fantastically amazing castle ever - featuring two waterfalls, rotating surveillance eyeballs, flaming skulls, and more.

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