Friday, May 06, 2016


I had meant to schedule my Mother's Day post for this coming Sunday, I don't really know why it popped up 2 weeks early. But anyway! We're going to be away this weekend and I wanted to put something up before we leave town.

Lately it's been super awesome. I've heard this age range referred to as "the golden years," and I think it's true. Valerie has this habit of, out of the blue saying "Mom! (pause) I love you." It's the sweetest thing. It's amazing watching how fast they learn, listening to them play together (such imaginations!), making each other laugh. The best parts of my day now are morning and evening at home with them.

Yes they still fight, and act selfish and demanding. But they are also so much more able to be aware of themselves and practice self-control. They are pretty amazing, and I feel really lucky to be their mom.

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