Saturday, January 10, 2009

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It took us four days to travel across the country by train, three days to see my lovely friend C. get married in Yosemite, and another four days to get back to the East Coast. During that time I think I had internect connection twice. We spent Christmas Day in Union Station in Chicago, cold and bored, and I got food poisoning from (I think) a half dozen chicken wings. Then we had five days to pack up my NY apartment before driving south on New Year's Day. It was an eventful end to 2008. Little V. handled it all with equanimity. She is currently fighting an ear infection (boooo!), practicing her new-found crawling skillz, and declaiming "Bababababa!" I'm trying to figure out all our new systems here. Today the dryer broke. It's great having doting grandparents nearby!!!

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Rachel said...

Yosemite at Christmas on a train? That sounds like so much fun. Do you use a carseat on the train?

Food poisoning is no fun, yuk.

Are you done with school, or did you mean you packed up your apartment for the break?