Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Whisperer Day 5: Day and Night

What a difference a night can make - I feel like a new person today. Plus I had help - T. watched her this morning, then she took a long nap, and then went to GG's for the afternoon. I got so much done...

Here's the Log:
9:00 fell asleep
11:00-ish WU PU/PD >10x over 5 min or so
12:00-ish WU PU/PD same
1:00-ish WU PU/PD about 3x, then BF strong both sides, went down easy.
5:00-ish WU BF immediately, went down easy.
7:40 WU PU/PD 5x, gave up, BF, played, eye-rub, tried again

1/28/09 (Wednesday) D5
8:00-8:40 PU/PD lost count x, ended up lying quietly playing with pacifier for last 10 minutes then we got up and she was happy and not tired anymore.
ate mushy pear and banana, drank water, playing with T.
10:47-12:00: nap. PU/PD about 8x over 5 minutes (?) - she wanted very much to nurse, so I let her BF for a few minutes, but then I gave her a pacifier to suck on which she did, while whimpering for a minute or two, then spit it out. I cuddled her one more time, put her down, and she was out.
ate blend of sweet potato, broccoli, avocado, and banana for lunch
played on floor, took to GG's @ about 1:15 p.m.
3:00-3:30 nap @ GG's
snacked on Cheerios

  • Tonight I'm not waiting so long to BF, I'll feed her the first time she wakes up.
  • She's been eating really well today, and seemed really happy and cheerful all morning.
  • The pacifier seems to help her settle down. I give it to her when she wants to suckle but isn't actually eating.
  • I really miss side-lying nursing her to sleep.
  • I don't miss spending the whole night contorting my body and blankets in awkward configurations around her (she doesn't like having any sheets or blankets touching her hands when she sleeps). I love being able to just haul the blankets up around my shoulders, roll over onto my stomach, and go to sleep. Love, love, love it. Adore it, in fact. Willing to forego aforementioned side-lying nursing for it. Call me cold, but there it is. I'm a better mother when I am somewhat rested.

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Anita said...

You're not cold for loving your blankets. You have needs too! Balance is crucial. You said it all in "I'm a better mother when I'm rested"