Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Knock On Wood

I think we may have turned a corner (she whispers, so as not to jinx it).

Last night she only woke up twice! Of course one time she cried for 45 minutes while Terry soothed her before she fell asleep again... but he says it's worth it for the 4.5-hour block of solid sleep we all got before getting up around 7.

I had a feeling that we were approaching a breakthrough when, over the weekend, she started saying "dadada" again. She'd started saying these real syllables some time ago, but it all stopped as soon as we transferred her to the crib. The fact that she started again said something to me about her mental frame of mind. It took two weeks. Two weeks I would not care to re-live again.
Last night Terry admitted that I've been pretty "snarly" lately. I'm beginning to feel more like myself.


tara said...

yea! hopefully it just continues to improve

Elizabeth said...

What is wrong with my brain? "to re-live again"... "mental frame of mind"... Redundant, much???