Monday, February 02, 2009


Going to try to get some serious work done today - I'm sitting in a coffeeshop watching the snow start to fall while Val is home with a babysitter. I had a moment of Zen today that I will write more about some other time. I also had a full (and continuous!) 8 hours of sleep last night... but I still feel every bit as tired as I did yesterday, so I'm going to sleep away from home again tonight (if it's too icy I'll see if I can crash at the neighbors' house - good friends of ours).

So last night she slept well at the beginning and the end, evidently not at all in the middle. Terry is pretty wiped out too. I'll spell him Tues/Weds night while he catches some zzzs.

Here's my new mantra:

I trust my instincts as a mother
to find the balance between comfort and discipline.

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Rachel said...

I love your mantra!