Sunday, February 01, 2009

Baby Whisperer Day 9: Terry Springs Eternal

For some reason around the house, we started saying "Terry springs eternal" instead of "hope springs eternal," I guess because he's more optimistic than I am, usually. We've also been repeating a quote from Pratchett about not giving people bread today, but bread tomorrow - that will keep them going a lot longer. Anyway.

So I had a long phone confab today with my attatchment Phd friend, and got a picture of how we might do a sort-of "let her cry" approach to wean her of the night waking habit. But for tonight we decided to stick with our Baby Whisperer approach that we've been doing so far. The one change is that I'm going to sleep at my in-laws' house so that I can get a full night's sleep. So yes, no more night nursing. Last night we made it until 5 a.m. then I gave in. She ate and ate and ate and then threw up on me. And then went right to sleep for two more hours.

I am really looking forward to sleeping. Terry is going to hold down the fort here armed only with a bottle of water and the "shush-pat." But then the following night, it's my turn. Medically, she's old enough to go all night without needing to feed.

Right now she's asleep, after the easiest bedtime yet!!! It took only 3 minutes, and I only had to pick her up twice, before she started burrowing into her favorite corner of the crib and then went to sleep. WOW. This is definitely progress.


Rachel said...

I am glad it is going better.

Anita said...

There has to be progress, right? Children are very adaptable and will adapt to a new set of circumstances, eventually will forget the way things used to be done and live in the present.