Saturday, May 14, 2011

Almost Three: What a year!

Valerie is almost three years old! And holy cow has it ever been a full year for her. I'm going to imagine her telling you about it herself:

May: I had a birthday! Mama got me this lame cake from Red Front but I liked it. Some kids came over, mostly the ones that I allow to play near me. We played in the sandbox.

June: Mama rested on the couch a lot. She has a big tummy and can't pick me up. Dada went on a loooooong trip and Grandma Irma and Grandpa Conrad stayed with us. I spent a lot of time with Miss Rachel and Grammy Dot.

July: We brought home this BABY. I call him Blablirl. I don't like it when he makes noise. Dada says "that's your baby brother." Aunt Anita came with Uncle David and Solana and Lotus and I had to share my toys.

August: We did a lot of fun things! We went saw animals and a circus! [Rockingham County Fair] That BABY was still here.

September: Tia Rosanne came to visit and some stuff went away. We got on an airplane for a long time and I cried a lot. I felt safe in my stroller because we were in a different place and I was scared. The BABY came too.

We stayed at a hotel and I played in the playground. I ate french fries. It was fun.

November: It rained and rained and rained. Pesh came to help Mama clean the house. Mama played with me a lot. I decided to start talking.

December: Dada put lights in the windows and it was pretty. Some big boxes came and Mama found lots of books and toys that I remember. I was so happy playing with my Noah's Ark!

January: It was cold. Sometimes I stay with Pesh when Mama has to go to the store. Pesh is nice. She holds Blablirl a lot. Mama tried to make me go pee-pee on the potty but I cried for my diaper so she let me keep my diaper on.

February: We went to live in New House. I have a blue bed. I like playing on the balcony. I like turning all the lights off and on. Blabril came too. Pesh still comes here.

March: We saw the Ocean again! I had fun playing in the sand. I fell off the swing and cried. I ate food and the boy shared his cow with me. Blabril came too.

April: I like going to Fun Cafe and playing on the swing and slide and riding the bike. I like to go to Zoo Park to see the animals. I like going on walks with Dada and riding up high on his shoulders. I like playing on the steps and looking at all the yucky [trash]. No step in dog poop! I like playing on the balcony with Mama or Pesh.
May: I am THREE! I can count like this: Një, dy, tre, katër, pesë, gjashtë, shtatë, tetë, nëntë, dhjetë. Everybody claps! I love jumping, climbing, dancing, spinning, playing in the park, and playing on the balcony. I can turn somersaults and climb trees. I like to say letters and read books - not Mama, just Val-Val. I like to go to Fun Cafe and ride up high on Dada's shoulders. I like to take baths with Blablirl and then stay up late after he goes to sleep. I'm thinking about peeing on the potty but I don't like to take off my diaper. I like to play Baby Up and Down and Come Get Me Mama! I have so much fun!


Rachel said...

Happy birthday to Val! I can't believe she is already 3.

I love the year in review in her words, someday she will enjoy reading it too.

philandmel said...

This is so sweet ! I love it ! HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY VAL VAL !!! We love knowing you and we really like that you will play with us (as long as we don't play Charlie Brown on the tv.) :)

Mel and Phil

tara said...

such a cute post !
hope val's bday was great!