Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dajti Again

Today we went to Dajt with the Lukawitskis - Terry was at work, though, and I decided to leave Gabriel with Shpresa so he could stay on schedule and I could be less stressed, with only one child to wrangle.
The rain held off until we were eating lunch in the restaurant, and then it let up for us to walk back to the cable car for the return trip, during which we outran it! It was HOT back in the city but then the rain caught up with us again for a little refreshment.
The kids enjoyed the cable car trip SO much, that alone would have made the trip worth it! But then there were horsie rides, and a delicious lunch, and play time at the playground as well! Valerie missed her nap completely so hopefully will sleep a long time tonight.

Further dispatches as events unfold!

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