Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lukawitskis in Tirana!

Prepare for an overload of cuteness!
Lotus and Gabriel exploring at the hotel

Gabriel has been SO EXCITED to meet his cousins again!

Valerie has been taking it all in stride better than I expected - I think she remembers them!
We've been having real summer weather here in Tirana - at least, the warmed I've experienced so far, although I've been getting warnings about August... David's hay fever has been bothering him, and the time difference has thrown Lotus a little out of whack, but other than that we've been having a great time so far. Yesterday we spent some time with the kids playing at the hotel where the Lukawitskis are staying, then came over to the J/Phantzis' for lunch and afternoon naps. After naps we all went to the "twisty slide park" for a late-afternoon excursion, where Solana made friends with some Albanian girls who wanted to practice their English!

Today we went to the "Big Park" near the lake for a picnic lunch, where Solana enjoyed exploring the "nature trails" through the grass and Valerie enjoyed poking the water with a stick - until her shoes got muddy.

Solana and Lotus have been a big hit with the the ladies in the various shops we went to yesterday - they scored two chocolate bars, a baked tart, strawberries, and cherries!

We're not sure exactly what we're going to do for the next few days but options include another visit to Mt. Dajt, a trip to the beach at Durrës, and hanging out at our apartment here in the city.

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