Saturday, May 07, 2011

Ten months!

Gabriel is ten months old today! He's growing big and strong, eating lots, pulling himself up to standing and starting to cruise around the furniture. He likes to feed himself as much as possible and is just starting to try out the finger-and-thumb "pincer" grasp. He can handle chunks of soft food like bread and apples, and seems to love bread more than anything else in the world except maybe Mommy. He's got six teeth: four on top, and two below. He adores his sister and loves going out for walks - as soon as he sees me or Shpresa strapping on the Bjorn he gets all excited and holds up his arms to be picked up! He's not very interested in books unless they have parts that move (like googly eyes) or interesting textures. It's so easy to make him laugh! He loves playing in the bath and trying to stick things in my mouth. He likes music, too - when we put on the music channel on TV he waves his arm like a conductor and smiles really big. He's just so stinkin' cute it's impossible not to sweep him up and cover him in kisses and cuddles and hugs at every opportunity. Të dua shumë, Diali im! (I love you very much, my son!)


Anonymous said...

it's "djali" not "diali" :)

Rachel said...

What a cutie!