Monday, July 25, 2011


Shpresa is away at a retreat this week, so I'm on duty now from x:00 a.m. (whenever Gabriel wakes up) until x:00 p.m. (whenever Valerie falls asleep). Terry has a work trip today and gets back late tonight so I don't have anybody around to shoo me off the computer. I'm waiting for Valerie to fall asleep so I can cut her fingernails. Meanwhile, here are a few photos representative of fun at home! While I'm making an effort to re-instate our twice-daily outings, we do have a lot of fun just hanging around the house.
Monkey just had a bath and is about to have his diaper changed.

This is "Panther's" picnic - I think baby panther is holding a "tomato." The blue triangles are fish, the books are sandwiches, and I'm not sure what the pelican is supposed to be but it's something edible.

I just thought this was too cute: Mama giraffe giving baby giraffe "a BIG hug!"


Tonight before I said goodnight to V, she told me "Doggie [her current alter ego] ate fish all day, just like the llama."

I said, "Llamas don't eat fish; seals eat fish, llamas eat grass."

"NO. Llamas eat ├žubuk!" (breadsticks).

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anita said...

Cute! I like the post it note flags.