Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sa i madh?

I do have some Valerie videos, that I will upload sometime this week. This is G being cute in the high chair. Here is the youtube link.

Here's a transcript:

0:03 - imitates me shaking head vigorously
0:08 - I say "lepurushi!" (little rabbit) and sign rabbit off camera
0:12 - he signs rabbit, just as I ask him "where's your head?"
0:15 - he pats his head
0:21 - I ask "How big is Gabriel? Sooo big!" He looks at me funny.
0:24 - I ask in Albanian, "Sa i madh është Gabrieli? I madh!" He lifts his arms
0:30: I say "shumë mirë, shumë mirë" (very good, very good) and he begins opening and closing his hands and being thoroughly entertained by this activity for the rest of the video clip.


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