Friday, July 29, 2011

Go See Dada

(wow, I really need to cut her bangs!!!)

Tuesday afternoon we took the bus to Terry's office to pick him up. The crew there were in the middle of a workshop that involved, inexplicably, a whole pile of balloons! So my little people were in 7th heaven. Also super-fun: plastic cups!!!!

Valerie picked out this dress to wear, also inexplicably, since she normally refuses to wear a dress, even to church. Whatever. At least she was super-cute in a context where we saw a lot of people!

Gabriel got passed around as always, although he's kind of over it right now - becoming very clingy to Mama. I'm sure it's a phase. Mostly he enjoyed stomping around the office complex, babbling, chewing on pens, trying to stick his fingers in outlets, and chasing balloons.
We took the bus back, too, since it was a) hot and b) late. Quick baths and then bed (I packed a supper to take along since I never know how long it's going to take to extricate ourselves from the office...) We don't do this very often but it's fun when we do.

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