Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The View From Our Balcony

One of the things I enjoy about our new apartment is the view from the balcony. It's not the panoramic view of the city, hills, and mountains that we had from the old place, but it's a closer peek into a slice-of-life here in Tirana.

These two gentlemen play chess or dominoes together on a regular basis, next to a vacant grocery store.

Every day I can look down and see people making a living by scavenging through the dumpsters where we dispose of our household trash.

The kids both love watching the rain come down (though it hasn't in a while). They also like looking for dogs - both household pets being taken out for walks on leashes, and the many street dogs that patrol the area. Occasionally we spy a stray cat making a mad dash to hide under a car. And there are always people to see.

One day we watched a bride being escorted from her home with great fanfare - she looked absolutely jubilant.

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Rachel said...

That is a neat view, so different from what I am used to.