Saturday, July 07, 2012

Birthday Boy: 2 years old!

Aw, Little Dude!  
How was it you were ever so small?
Look at those tiny little fists... that nose... oh sleeping baby!

One turn around the sun, 
Once again the heat of summer,
Here you were: one year old.

My sweet little boy!

 You are SO. MUCH. FUN.
You are playful, mischievous, friendly and a flirt.

You are cuddly and sweet;  sa i dashur the ladies say.

You are curious, delighted, full of laughter and enjoyment of life.

 You've been places!

 You love to monkey around. 
You're way more coordinated than any other kid you're age that I've met.

You are a budding artist!

And comedian!

You love music and dancing.
You have a natural sense of rhythm and exuberant response to music.

Happy birthday to my favorite son. We are so blessed by having you in our lives.
I love you more than I can say. Hugs and kisses, Mama.

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Anita said...

So I've only seen him twice, when he was born and when he was 10 months, but even then, he was FUN to be around! What a joy.