Friday, July 13, 2012


This is a belated Father's Day post.

When was it? Weeks ago, I'm sure. I think it was in the middle of our trip to the US.

Some of my best memories of growing up were playing with my Dad. When he would patiently take on the role of Prince Charming in our endless Cinderella/Snow White/Rapunzel recreations, or build a pretend Christmas tree out of a clothes rack while playing "Pi" (Pioneers), or when at bedtime I'd say "Daddy, let's talk," and he'd sit at the end of my bed and we would just talk about whatever was on my mind, usually random things I'd seen in my poring over our World Book Encyclopedia. I always expected him to know the Answers - especially what will the weather be like tomorrow? (That one was easy, I understand now - we lived in the Amazon - so that would be... um... HOT!) :-) 

I love watching Terry with our kids. I know they are building memories for the years to come.

Owl the goofball:

Making it safe to take little risks:

A firm foundation for fun:

Intrepid toddler wrangler:

Literary events:

Purveyor of popcorn in the park:

And Duty Free! (I feel like there's an awesome pun in there somewhere but I'm too hot and sleepy right now to think what it might be):

Love you, miss you, come home soon!

And this post would not be complete without mention of my Father-in-Law, aka "Grandpa Owl"! You've been a supportive and encouraging voice in our lives through the many changes and transitions of the past couple years. Also: thanks for washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen every evening while you were here in December! It did not go unremarked. Hang in there: we'll be seeing you soon.

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