Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beach Day!

Terry's team from work had a day retreat at the beach on Friday and we got to go along! It was the same beach we visited in March - but it looks very different now in the middle of beach season!

One of Terry's co-workers brought her two kids as well - a 10-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy. The girl loves little kids and speaks a fair amount of English, so she and Gabriel really hit it off. Valerie enjoyed them too though she was more shy and mostly did her own thing digging in the sand. Although she was very impressed when the boy buried his feet in the sand!

SPF 50!

Gabe LOVED going in the waves with me! I thought he'd be scared but he wasn't at all. He didn't like the sea grass getting stuck in his toes though. He loved crashing into the waves and wanted to sit by himself in the surf (which he did not get to do). When we went back in to our beach chair I saw I'd been gripping him so hard I left a red mark from my fingers!

Valerie called the boardwalk a "maze" and liked running back and forth between me and the cafe where Terry was in his meetings. 

The boy loves chocolate, and he loves ice cream, so chocolate ice cream = a little bit of heaven!


Anita said...

Are those your feet and hand? The only thing I recognize is your ring. Have you changed, or has it been too long since I've seen you? Or both.

Anita said...

Looks like a fun day; they look healthy and happy! ;)

E. Phantzi said...

It's a weird angle! And I painted my nails which is unusual for me :-)