Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Great Aunt Gin!

These photos are not great, but our moments with Aunt Gin were spectacular. Yes, I'm still talking about our trip to the States :-). Aunt Gin received mail-order packages for us in anticipation of our visit, then organized two family get-togethers for the weekend we were there. She opened her box of toys saved from when her own kids were little and let our kids run all over her house and yard. She cooked delicious food that the kids both ate with gusto, and even watched them for a couple of hours, along with Great Aunt Sheri, while Terry and I went out for a "dinner" alone! (We went to a fast food chain, so I won't call it an actual "meal" with actual "food.") This was possible because both kids took to her immediately and enthusiastically. The words "Aunt Gin's House" were right up there with the magical "Toy Room." The people Valerie warms up to right away are few and very far between, and Aunt Gin is one of the lucky few. Thank you so much for sharing your home, food, toys, hat collection, and heart of gold with us while we were near.

Saying goodbye right before boarding the van to the airport

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