Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More Valerese

Some cute things Valerie says:

"Where feet? Feet hide. Feet hiding in tights. Feet hiding in shoes."

Of her toy snake (e.g.):
"Where feet? No feet. Take feet off."

And this made Gabriel laugh hysterically, when she said:
I wish they'd let me in on the joke!

When I put away her portable DVD player, I tell her "the video needs to rest" (yes, we're old - we still call it a "video"). So now when we put it away she says "Video take nap, go to sleep."

One time I turned off the DVD player because she has a tendency to shriek at certain points and it was just too loud, and she'd had two warnings. The whole rest of the evening she kept saying "Mama turn off video, Val-Val scream." And these were also the first words out of her mouth when she woke up the next morning. Too bad the lesson didn't stick though (probably due to inconsistent enforcement) because she still shrieks.

When a fire goes out: "Bye-bye hot!"

Any time there's a pause in play: "Now what?" The first time she said this I was so startled, and then I realized that I say it All. The. Time. I wonder what else I say a lot that she's going to pick up from me next? Hope it's "I love you"!

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BigP's Heather said...

Too cute!!