Wednesday, February 02, 2011

comparisons 1: ring sling

I've been working on getting G. used to the ring sling - he didn't like it at first, but now that he's getting closer to being able to sit up on his own he does fine. It's a nice way to keep him close to me while I'm doing housework. I can sort of scoot him onto my back if I need to - while cooking, e.g.

Here is Valerie in the same sling at 9 months, I believe. Anita taught me how to use the sling when we visited her in Savannah in November '08 when V. was 6.5 months (same as G. is now), but I didn't buy this batik sling until January or February '09. This picture was taken in Savannah but I think it was when we went to visit in March that year. I could just check the time stamp on the photo but I'd rather play sleuth the hard way :-)

Also - those striped pants? I was putting them on Gabriel too until a couple months ago :-).

Look for more comparison photos coming up, there's a bunch more I want to do so I think this will become a series!

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Anita said...

I've tried all the carriers and the ring sling in my overall favorite. Easy, comfortable, discreet for nursing. The kind you have is the best - the tail can be used to cover the baby and the top and bottom can be adjusted separately. Love it!