Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grand Tour Part I

As usual, I'm getting a little bit frustrated with Blogger and how difficult it is (for me anyway) to arrange the layout of photos the way I would like to. Oh well.

Here I give you the approach to our building: I walked by these signs a dozen times before I ever actually saw them, when I came towards the street from a different direction. This is where we turn off the main avenue onto our street. We walk past this lady selling things every day.

This is the entrance to our building (I wanted it to be the last picture but whatever):

The steps are shorter and fewer than at the last place, and I can actually lower Valerie all the way down in the stroller if she doesn't feel like getting out and walking (although she is generally cooperative about that).

And here is a shot of the building - we are on the 4th floor of the mint green building. The street is very quiet, which kind of makes up for having neighbors upstairs with the walking around and piano playing and whatnot. In the next post I'll have a photo of the street, looking down from the balcony.
Ok I should go pay attention to my kids again now - but wanted to introduce you all to our new place! At least from the outside!


anita said...

You can cut and paste photos to change the order. I'm glad you didn't have to move furniture! Great news about the front steps.

Anita said...

I like the way Valerie is climbing the post! cute