Thursday, February 03, 2011

comparisons 2: weight loss

I weighed myself today, and if the bathroom scales in the park (you pay 20 lek to stand on them) are accurate, I've lost about 25 lbs. since moving here. The "before" picture (at the Rockingham County Fair in the States shortly before we left) shows pretty much how this happened - walking up to 2 hours a day with these two in tow, plus breastfeeding. No diet at all. Terry is so jealous even his sweat is green.


tara said...

that's too cute... his sweat is green. Congrats, you look very healthy.
hope G feels better soon! Croup freaked me out when Wsk had it & he just got it about a year ago.

Anita said...

Yeah you shouldn't need to - and shouldn't anyway - diet when you're nursing a baby. I've always said they suck the fat right off one's body.
When I saw the first picture I was jealous and confused thinking it was warm weather where you are!