Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sitting Baby

Gabriel's been a little slower than Valerie to sit up on his own, possibly because he spends a lot of time rolling around on the rug or hanging out in the Bjorn. Someone here offered us their walker but we haven't figured out the logistics of getting it from their place to ours yet. But a couple days ago I hit on the idea of sticking him in the laundry basket - he loved it! It was great sitting practice; after his third nap today, all of a sudden he did it - sat up on my lap for a really long time with great balance.

He's still got a bit of a cough but his affect and appetite are back to normal. Which is nice, since the rest of us are now miserably sick. Poor Valerie threw up this afternoon after four hours of NOT napping, and then promptly fell asleep (after we cleaned her up). It's totally off schedule but I'm kind of thinking (hoping, praying) she's going to segue right into her night sleep since she didn't have a nap yesterday afternoon and slept very poorly last night as well.

Terry and I are both feeling pretty wretched ourselves but there's no rest to be had when the little ones aren't feeling well. We're really, really looking forward to the day when we're all back to normal.

I keep replaying the scene in my mind - two weeks ago at church, Gabriel was lying in the pack-n-play in the nursery when a little boy about 3 years old leaned in and said "that's a big baby!" and then promptly coughed right into his face. I could hear the rattle of the phlegm in the boy's throat and thought "oh boy, well, I guess we'll all catch colds in a few days." Little did I know just how rotten this particular cold virus was going to be.


Rachel said...

I love the idea of using the basket.

I hope everyone feels better soon!

Anita said...

He looks so cute in that basket! Nice that Val is in the pic too.