Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Running Behind - Gabriel 8 months!

Gabriel and Valerie in church nursery

An elusive sleeping photo (usually the room is too dark - this was in the Elbasan hotel)

I'm so behind on my blogging! We all seem to have colds AGAIN - bleah - poor G has a fever that comes and goes, but I took him to the clinic to check for ear infections and he's clear. So just another annoying virus. I'm all stuffed up in my head and glad we elected not to go back to Elbasan with Terry again this week (speaking of Elbasan, I have lots more to say about that trip but it will have to wait for another day).

Meanwhile, I missed Gabriel's 8-month mark on Monday. His latest accomplishment just about 10 days ago was getting up on hands and knees! Getting ready to crawl, so look out world! This post is woefully inadequate to express how much fun he is - you'll just have to use your imaginations :-)

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Rachel said...

It is so hard to believe he is 8 months old! Val is looking grown up too.