Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring! and other thoughts

We've been here six months today: two full seasons, half a year - half a trip of the earth around the sun. Gabriel has lived in Albania twice as long as in the US.

We've moved the last of our stuff from the old apartment into the new one. I was surprised by how sad I felt the last time I went to the other house. It felt like home. Everything seemed profoundly familiar and beloved, and I had a hard time detaching from the things there that aren't ours but stay with the furnished apartment - things like mugs, towels, sheets. I guess maybe we imprinted on the place since it was the first place we lived here. When everything was strange and overwhelming, it was a safe and quiet retreat for our family.

So is this place, but I think part of me (I can't speak for the rest of the family on this) has held back a little bit emotionally, in part reserving judgement - is it really better than the other apartment? We shall see.

I think our reasons for moving were solid, and this is a good place. I think it will take a season or two before it really feels like home though.

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