Friday, April 29, 2011

A bunch of pictures

Again, in lieu of a real post, a bunch of pictures for our family fan club :-) I'm trying to catch up with myself now that Terry is back from Mongolia and Shpresa is back from Greece (family trip over Easter holiday). Just starting to come out of the headachy fog of sleeplessness, and able to use Valerie's nap time for something other than cleaning and cooking. (As these pictures load, I'll be working on sorting out more Albanian noun forms - masculine and feminine, singular and plural, nominative and accusative, definite and indefinite.) More pictures coming soon as I've been taking lots! I also put a bunch of them on Facebook so you can check in there if you're my FB friend!
Family self-portrait in reflective window

Cafe in the park with all the buttercups. Buttercups and a macchiato! Bliss!

Valerie looooooved playing "chase" with this little boy! He didn't try to talk to her or get in her space at all so they got along really well!

We have this booster seat on loan for Gabriel but Valerie likes to sit in it with her Baby. Here she's giving Baby a drink of her water - it was so cute.

I predict he'll be walking by 12 months!

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