Thursday, April 07, 2011


Gabriel is nine months old today! Let's see, he's working on crawling, pulling himself up to standing in his crib, and cutting FOUR new teeth at the same time - all across the top front. He's been sick again this week, coughing and stuffy nose had a slight fever on Monday. (I think it's the same thing we all seem to have right now.) So that's made him very slightly cranky.

I haven't done much with introducing new foods, as he proved to have an allergy to teething tablets, and then we found that he throws up every time he eats yoghurt. Egg yolks seem to be a problem too. But he loves potatoes, carrots, avocados, and bread, so that's mostly what he eats, oh yeah, and lots and lots of bananas with some rice cereal thrown in there for good measure. He would love to feed himself if he could, he always wants to hold the spoon and put it in his own mouth. And then he drops it on the floor.

Also, he's still nursing about 4x a day and 3 or more times at night because he's been sick so often.

It seems like he can distinguish Shqip from English and Spanish now - well, I don't know if he can distinguish English from Spanish because I speak both to him, but the other day when I started talking to him in Shqip he kept turning around to look at the door, like he expected Shpresa to walk in! That was cool :-)

I'd write more but I'm really tired.

Oh - p.s. - in the post below, the top picture is Gabriel and the bottom one is Valerie. When I put them side by side they do look quite different to me, and Terry thinks they look nothing alike, but when I first saw that photo of Gabriel I thought "oh, I didn't realize Valerie's walker had the same fabric as the one we have now?" and then realized it WAS the walker we have now, and it was Gabriel, not Valerie! So then I had to pull up the old picture of Valerie to compare the two.

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Rachel said...

He looks like he loves the camera.

A trilingual child-how cool!

I can't believe how much your kids look a like, I haven't seen anything like it, outside of identical twins.