Saturday, April 16, 2011


Terry was supposed to go to Mongolia again this week, but due to a mix-up with his booking and ticket he ended up coming back home. It's nice to have him back so quick :-).

I've been wanting to post these pictures for a while now; the suit jacket is one Terry bought in the local market here for a trip to Kosovo. He went to accept an award on behalf of WV for their "Kids for Peace" program there. Doesn't he look snazzy!

I also wanted to brag a bit about his language ability - after visiting here for a month, someone told him he already spoke Shqip better than some expats they knew who'd lived here five years! I don't know where he gets the self-discipline to do so, but he studies for at least a half hour every night before bed, and has been doing so ever since we decided we were going to come here. He has several grammar books and some audio lessons, but lately he's been reading through children's books with a dictionary. His grammar and vocabulary far surpass mine even though I've been taking weekly lessons and he hasn't taken a single formal lesson at all. (My accent is better though!) I'm always impressed by what he can understand and say.

Now I just have to get him to model the pants that match the jacket!

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Anita said...

He looks good! If David ever puts on a jacket I'll have to take pictures too. He's planning to wear one to Phoebe's wedding but he doesn't have it yet. I'm still trying to convince him to buy a tie for the occasion as well.