Friday, April 15, 2011


Sorry I haven't really posted anything this week - I'll let Valerie tell you about it:

"Val-Val all wet, throw up in bed, Val-Val so sick. Poor Val-Val. Eat food Mama Dada on couch.* All that yucky."

Four times in ten days.

Terry finally persuaded me to take her to the doctor, who confirmed my suspicion that she has a virus, post-nasal drip --> coughing at night --> triggers throwing up sometimes. All we can do is wait it out and give her herbal tea with honey in it at bedtime (which she rejected last night). However, she went on to sleep soundly for 12 hours! With very little coughing! So that was a huge improvement. Gabriel is sleeping a little better too, after two weeks of waking every 2 hours (give or take an hour) through the night.

I'm just resigned to feeling mind-numbingly tired for, oh, another year or so, probably.

*When she asked for food after the second episode, we gave her bread and water. It was 11 p.m. and we kept the lights low so it made a big impression on her mind.


Rachel said...

I hope she is feeling better soon, and that no one else catches it.

Pam the Realtor said...

Have you tried using a humidifier in her room at night for the coughing? That always worked so well for my kids. Hope everyone is feeling better soon

Anita said...

That sounds miserable. "Another year or so"? What about baby #3?